My passion was

From a young age, I was literally captivated by music. When I was little I used to hum, try to keep time and beat rhythmically on whatever I had at hand. Since I picked up a guitar for the first time, I have never stopped playing and in middle school I realized that I wanted to become a professional musician.

The Gently weeps of my guitar

The guitar, especially my fender, has always been part of my life since 1998, in happy moments and in sad ones it has always been there.

My old Lady Brown

Keep playing

Playing every day and dedicating myself, as a self-taught, to the study of the guitar in particular the electric one, I became the Guitarist I wanted to be.

Under the polar stars of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, who have always influenced my musical touch, my ability to express is enriched with new influences and collaborations ranging up to Italian rock.

My Music experience

Live performances with different groups such as Solo, Acoustic, Rhythmic and Lap Steel guitar

Arrangements for electric and acoustic guitars

Commissioned sound designer

Creation of solos inspired by a specific sound required

Studio recordings of soundtracks

Individual basic guitar lessons

Individual guitar lessons for the study of a particular track.